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Mass consumption growth Residents living standards towards the "well-off"

Date: 2015-12-20

China news agency in Beijing on December 18 (xinhua Du Yan) with public consumption, improve the capacity of Beijing urban residents engel's coefficient declining, from 32.1% in 2010 to continue fell to 30.8% in 2014, reflect the residents' living standard to the "well-off" striding ahead.
This is Beijing municipal bureau of statistics of Chen Zexing in 18 "to the social consumer goods retail sales topped one trillion for the new starting point" series at the launch promotional activities.
He said, according to the international standard, engel's coefficient of 30% 40% belongs to the relatively rich, "twelfth five-year" period, the Beijing urban residents engel's coefficient from 32.1% in 2010 to continue to fall to 30.8% in 2014, down 1.3%, reflecting Beijing residents' living standard is "well-off" striding ahead.
"Well-off society is one of the important symbol of the consumer demand for services is greater than the demand for commodities."He pointed out that in 2014 the Beijing service consumption of 740.52 billion yuan (RMB, same below), and commercial consumption.From January to October 2015, Beijing service consumption of 672.44 billion yuan, up 10.3% from a year earlier, higher than that of commercial consumption growth of 3.6%, "the future service consumption is more than the commercial scale."
From the consumption growth got information commodity rate is much higher than cars, household appliances as well as the traditional commodities such as gold and silver jewellery, become a major consumer market Beijing pulling force.Chen Zexing introduction, 1, 2015 to October, communications equipment and other information related products to achieve sales of 98.19 billion yuan, up 53.8% year on year, growth is far higher than the average level in the city, "Beijing consumption growth got are moving from traditional goods to information consumption".
Beijing consumer market a significant change is that group of falling consumption, mass consumption growth momentum.In the first half of 2015, Beijing for the convenience of fast food consumption and limitation above class public catering enterprises implement retail sales growth of 8.3% and 4.1% respectively, compared to the growth of commercial enterprise group were higher than that of limitation above consumption 7 and 2.8%.
Chen Zexing pointed out that since 1978, Beijing consumer market grew by an average of 15.7% a year;Slowing growth in recent years, "consumer market will be gradually by the high-speed growth into high-speed steady growth in the new normal".(after)