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8 minutes "interview" in Beijing higher-ups for graduates employment "pulse"

Date: 2015-12-21

The new Beijing network on December 20 report (reporter Du Yan) today, 8 minutes "interview" large workplace show at renmin university of China, a number of large coffee through realistic simulation interview "troubleshoot" for the graduates.
Zhao peng from Beijing university of technology is the first 8 minutes "interview" to play the players, he see a lot of classmates around you to get the offer in this semester, and she also faces an uncertain future, once had "graduate phobia".
Analysys think-tank command courtyard GeHanTao and tempest sunglasses, chief investment officer, vice President of the Yang and huawei's most powerful cafe team of big data director dong-dong liu for zhao peng "pulse" and "diagnosis" give the job before the cause of the failure lies in the "heart" : zhao peng society in the face of survival environment has to be about to enter high expectations, that after time and frustration had graduated from "phobia".Society is different from the campus, all graduates must adjust good state of mind before formal step into the society, from set out actually, soaring ambition of avoid by all means.
Today, ZhongGuoLong Long Maosong Beijing jiaotong university, Beijing university of technology is also "interview" at the scene.After the interview, GeHanTao suggested that college students need to pay attention to the details of the interview, such as posture, eye contact, and should be polite, through these to show how a man should have the quality of the workplace;Nanjing loquat pie network technology co., LTD. CEO Zhao Lingyan that graduates from a student should be grasped to the change of the role of employees, enterprises need to complete the work, in the workplace to survive, must not only be good at reset again to study, improve the executive power, but also need to clear their career orientation, completes the career planning, enhance their core competitiveness and irreplaceable value of the workplace, can in the face of pressure to overcome the bottleneck.
Event, composed of nine companies recruiting soldiers offers many jobs hope to attract more outstanding graduates to join their team.18 PM as of today, a total of 21 graduates and enterprises signed a letter of intent for an internship at the scene.(after)