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Joyous pavilion park intelligent system upgrade The Spring Festival temple fair

Date: 2015-12-21

New net of Beijing on December 19 (reporter in vertical clouds) joyous pavilion park said in a news release today, the park will be on campus monitoring system and emergency broadcast system, tourist quantity statistical analysis, basic line and machine room equipment upgrading.Expected the intelligence system upgrade project will be completed by the end of this year, during the Spring Festival will be fully put to use.
Joyous pavilion park in 2003 to build a set of analog monitoring system and broadcasting system, build the 50 and 52 broadcasting, monitoring point has been running for 12 years.Due to the large park area, sites scattered, personnel is numerous, the security hidden danger increases year by year.
To solve the problem of monitoring of park behind, information release, traffic statistics and public broadcasting problems, and better safeguard the personal safety and the sustainable utilization of the tourism resources of tourists, effectively promote service quality and level of safety management of scenic spots, joyous pavilion park for intelligent system upgrade project.
Mainly is the key area for monitoring facilities in the digitize update and upgrade, add point, implement 24 hours full-time hd controls, data save more than 90 days;Set up digital emergency broadcasting system, in case of an emergency, can partition command to evacuate visitors;Four mun visitor Numbers statistical system installation, can be safe to park traffic implement real-time control;Monitoring command center, enhance the park information-based hardware conditions.
The upgrade project has been completed, so far dominated the pipeline laying work, the head of line 5200 meters, feeder, more than 5000 meters.Are now being monitored and background sound installation work.Is expected to be dominated, install surveillance cameras on the main road, square, 169, a large screen 4 blocks, background sound, 156.
According to introducing, this intelligent system upgrade project, is expected to be completed by the end of this year field construction, and transferred to indoor alignment joint-test phase, the Spring Festival temple fair will be fully put to use.(after)