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Six years wukesong freak show is over say goodbye to the capital

Date: 2015-12-21

Under the background of the present organization of the capital function, have been held in Beijing for 6 years of wukesong county will move out of the city.Yesterday on the opening of the "New Year's day shopping festival" will also be the last session of wukesong county.
"Wukesong freak show years, want to eat what special local product of the basic can be one-stop buy in the county, we also have this a good place for shopping habits home."Heard of wukesong county to withdraw, who lives in gongzhufen zhang hurriedly pull cart to rally.
The county has from the organization of new tens of thousands of more than 20 provinces and cities, millions of pieces of winter life commodity and food, attracting 450 merchants, prices are local land price or ex-factory price, wholesale price, the cancellation of the intermediate links, the price is less than one third of the mall, even electricity price is lower than ten percent, more affordable supplies will let the people get real benefit.
Beijing youth daily, reporter saw year set is the time to buy them, from all over the country on the county agricultural and sideline products, special local product famous product is full of beautiful things in eyes, guangdong famous enterprise of emperor huang sausage, sichuan "tianfu card" smoked duck, shandong company town, donkey-hide gelatin, guo size liao trepang, heilongjiang salmon caviar and so on famous food straight from country of origin, one-stop direct selling.
Organizers controller introduces, six years wukesong county has successfully hosted the 60 sessions, will continue until February 4.Is now in the outside things sihuan location, the future will be to brand upgrading.
It is understood that in order to ensure the rally on all kinds of the quality of the goods, all goods in before county by the staff check business licenses of the merchants, to verify the quality of the goods at the same time.The freak show at the entrance to set up special "consumer reception",, "said even though the closing a freak show, if because of quality problems to return, also can find the organizers to solve.(source: Beijing youth daily reporter: angel lee)