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Yuan blue and white ears cans and so on more than 2000 collection will appear conspicuously Beijing writinged brush hai qiu pats

Date: 2015-12-21

China news agency Beijing on November 25 (reporter in vertical clouds) Ming yongle dragon ye-tomahawk knife, qing qianlong bucket color cover pot, the trend of the Ming dynasty to bodhisattva, and qi baishi excellent work "gourd" and so on more than 2000 precious collection, will make its debut on the 27th of this month will conspicuously Beijing writinged brush hai qiu pats.One of the most favored by collectors is a yuan blue and white ear tank, the industry said this is a rare gourmet items.
Ten years ago, the yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain "guiguzi setting tank" was put up for auction at Christie's in London, with 230 million yuan, hit a Chinese art auction record for the highest in the world at that time, also make the yuan blue and white the rare treasures became a household name top collection.
25 in 2015 Beijing HanHai autumn auction preview the scene, also have a blue and white porcelain of yuan dynasty "longfeng flower grain beast ear jar" attract the attention of many collectors.This pitcher of interior and exterior glazing color photos, white glaze green, shoulder adornment double lion ears, body has six layers of grain, is typical of the jingdezhen porcelain of yuan dynasty.
According to expert introduction, this beast ear tank is one of the three classical modelling of yuan blue and white big pot, six layer of decorative body, although the composition is complicated, but distinct, numerous and not messy.Wear peony fung and body ACTS the role of the lines is very rare, more show the precious rare yuan blue and white.
Another notable items is qing qianlong "dou colors branch flowers bats lines cover pot".This implements gehry, tank and bottom with turquoise glazed, whole grain appearance smooth lines, color colourful, for the qianlong bucket color kiln masterpiece.
The autumn taps at the collection of blue and white ear and two qing qianlong statue, Ming xuande blue and white gourd flat bottles, Chad and the underlying ink dampened, "smoke alone the pan jiang", in the 15th century maitreya pure copper and gold and other precious items.
This conspicuously Beijing writinged brush hai qiu pats the auction last 3 days, will end in the 29th of this month.Organizers will introduce modern painting and calligraphy, ancient calligraphy and painting, fan painting and contemporary painting and calligraphy, China modern and contemporary art, purple sand art, ancient rare books, gold Buddha, Chinese jade, antique curios, Chinese ceramics, and special arts and crafts, etc more than ten, more than 2000 items.(after)