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Beijing museum has amounted to 172

Date: 2015-12-21

Beijing youth daily reporter from yesterday held a symposium on the 30th anniversary of the Beijing museum of society, nearly 30 years, Beijing has an increase of 133 museums, new 4 to 5 per year on average.Until now, there is the record in the Beijing area 172 registered museum, museum of number in the world.
1985 years ago, in the Beijing area has formally museum 39 seats.According to deputy director of Beijing municipal administration of cultural heritage to the introduction, after 30 years of development, the current total of archival filing registration museum in Beijing, 172, an increase of 133 a total of museums, new 4 to 5 per year on average.In the Beijing area of the museum will tell whether from the quality or quantity are located in the top, and has set up more than New York, Madrid, Berlin, second only to London, to become the world museum number more than city.Deputy executive director of the Beijing museum of society and secretary-general Cui Xue grand said, at present, the Beijing museum of hardware level has been close to the peak, the future should be more focused on the construction of software, this is the key of the development of museum permanent.
It is understood that the current national average every 500000 people with a museum, is expected to be the total amount of China's museum in 2022 will reach 8000, on average every 200000 people with a museum.In addition, the cultural relics of China as a world power, has a collection of nearly 20 million, according to incomplete statistics, temporary exhibition 10000 items a year, exhibition in more than 100, the introduction of over 60 exhibition.(source: Beijing youth daily reporter: carol)